It’s official: Spring has sprung, and what better way to celebrate than with a party? Over The Top Party Supplies in Goulburn has got you sorted for all of your decorating needs – and they really do have something for every type of party-goer.

Party Animal
A party animal will love a decoration that parties almost as hard as they do, with confetti in every colour. Throw ’em, drop ’em, or arrange ’em artfully; this decoration is exciting and full of surprises just like you!

If you’re more of a wallflower, what better way to decorate than with flowers? These Decadent Decs Daisy Flower Pom Poms are super cute and low-fuss; sure to be right up your alley. Plus, they are currently on sale, so there’s no need to splurge if you’re not the kind to party often!

Do It For the Gram
You probably coined the term ‘pics or it didn’t happen’ and understand the importance of party aesthetic, which is why you would adore the Metallic Rose Gold or Silver Foil Curtain. The absolute PERFECT background to any photo, you better get in quick and buy one (or two or three)!

Photo by Monord

The Loud One
You’d be the first to admit that you go a little crazy at parties, but hey it’s all part of your charm. The yin to your yang, and the Vegemite to your toast, nothing could balance you out more perfectly than the gorgeous Balloon Garden Kit in pastel. Simple and understated, but still cute and fun…I think you two will get along just fine.

Snack Doggy-Guarder
You really only came for the food and since you’ll be spending most of your time near the snack table, it’s time to introduce you to the Truly Alice tableware range. With whimsical cake stands, vases, plates, napkins, cups, and even toothpicks you can fall down the tasty rabbit hole in style.

The Mingler
Whilst you may not be much of a dancer, you love catching up with everyone at a party and making new friends, so your ideal party decoration is something you can take with you on the go. Enter the Blossom Girls Floral Veil or Floral Headband – put it on and then forget all about it, while still looking effortlessly beautiful.

The Baker
The butcher and the candlestick maker couldn’t make it to the party, but you sure could! Everyone knows you make the best sweet treats, so why not bring along some baked goods decorated with toppers? OTT has cake decorations for every occasion, so check them out to elevate your next masterpiece.

Party Planner
It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it. In order to get people to the party, you’ll love the sweet invitations that Over the Top stocks. With designs like that, invitees will have to say yes! OTT really does have it all, so make sure you head on down to their store or shop online to perfect your next party!

OTT Party Supplies is located at 74-80 Wayo Street, Goulburn.

Open on Tuesday-Friday 10am – 5pm and Saturday 8am – 12pm