Conveniently, Over The Top Party Supplies in Goulburn has a new Born to Be Loved baby shower range collection. So, if you or anyone you know is throwing a baby shower, look no further.

In simple yet stylish gender neutral colours of navy and gold, the collection covers everything you could possibly need.

Cocktail Napkin or Babygrow Shaped Napkin
Babies get messy, but so do we! Thankfully, these napkins are here to help. They are super cute and can save the day. Great practise for the inevitable spills and stains of motherhood.

Babygrow Napkins

Gender Reveal Cannon
What is more Instagram than a gender reveal? And what better way to do it than releasing a confetti cannon? Of course, OTT has just what you need. Whether a daughter or a son, your baby is going to have so much love that they are not going to know what to do with it!

Gender Reveal Cannon

This is my personal favourite – a garland. Not only are garlands super cute (and make great Instagram backgrounds), who doesn’t need some baby bunting in the shape of babygrows? Spring is all about growth, and so are babies, and so are people as a whole and…I don’t really sure where I’m going with this? But I do know that you’ll adore the garland as much as I do.

Born To Be Loved Garland

Cake Toppers
You can’t have a party without cake, and you can’t have cake without themed cake toppers! These babygrow shaped toppers will really do the trick. Plus, you are eating for two now – that definitely means you can eat as much cake as you want ;).

Born To Be Loved Cake Topers

Everyone loves food, and as your guests will likely be eating solid foods, they’re going to need a plate. The plates in this collection are simple and are the perfect way to keep your guests coming back to the snack table!

Born To Be Loved Plates & Cocktail Napkins

To announce your motherhood to the world, a sash is the ideal solution. With ‘hey mama’ written on it, everyone will surely be wanting photos with the mum-to-be.

Hey Mama Sash

So there you have it! The cutest way to celebrate your soon-to-be-born with your friends and family, and share it on social media. I’d say that’s a pretty great start to show your baby really is born to be loved.

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